1. Up for Air

From the recording Up for Air

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Produced by Room 19 Studio, Billerica, MA
Published by CDbaby
(c) 2015 / ASCAP


“Up For Air”
By: Heavy AmericA
Lyrics: Michael Thomas Seguin © 2015 / ASCAP

Never afraid, cause’ I’m never alone
Through fields of fire, never alone
Walk beside me, feel you there
Nothing to see here, static flare
And it all went black
Way too soon, way too soon
Dragged around, belly down
Filth and lies become me
Still you’re there, my cross you’ll bear
Pulling demons just like teeth
A scratch down my back, still reason to attack
It all went black
Way too soon, way too soon
You cleaned my wounds, you cleared my head
A mended wing, raise the dead
Feel the burn, watch it grow
I hear the whisper tell me go
Tell me go, I hear the whisper
Tell me go!
Saw the static, felt you there
Lost but honest, up for air
Up for air, up for air, up for air