1. I Can Take It

From the recording Now

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Produced by Room 19 Studio, Billerica, MA
Published by cdBaby
(c) 2017 / ASCAP


“I Can Take It”
By: Heavy AmericA
Lyrics: Michael Thomas Seguin © 2017 / ASCAP

Plateaus of happiness, now cliffs of terror
How will I deal with this
And will it be here tomorrow, tomorrow
Blame it on me, I can take it
Stand on my spine till’ you break it
Spit in my face, tell me you love me, love me
Bury me, bury me, I can take it
Most painful words, I’ve ever heard
The ice in your veins turns blue, blue
Bury me, bury me, I can take it
Go on beat me down, show me what’s right
What I don’t get today I’ll learn thru a spike
Your mouths an open grave that swallows my soul
I’m asking what came first, the pistol or the hole
Bury me, bury me, I can take it
Rollin’ in at dawn you’re ready for a fight
No matter what I say, won’t change your mind
Friends they’re all asking what’s wrong with your man
I just crack a smile, catch me if you can
Catch me if you can, yeah I’m that man
An empty man