Strawberry Metal, an interview with Heavy AmericA. Heavy AmericA is: Michael T. Seguin- lead vocals & guitar, Dan Fried- drums & vocals, Budd Lapham- bass & vocals.  SM: Who is your band? What is your name, what do you do in the band? My name is Dan and I play drums and sing backing vocals with Heavy AmericA. We have Budd on bass and backing vocals and Mike on guitar and lead vocals. We are an all original, three piece rock band out of Boston. Playing in a 3-piece band means that you need to be on top of your game for every minute of every gig and are truly exposed on stage. And we love it that way. Can’t afford for anyone to be off or making any mistakes. It’s challenging but the upside is raw passionate live music!  SM: What year did your band get together? Are they all original members?Dan: Mike and Budd have known each other for years and have been in many bands together. About 5 years ago Mike and Budd were asked by a prior band member who is a singer, to record some musicthey had written quite a while back. I also knew the singer and was asked to play drums with them in the studio. After we finished the project, Mike, Budd and I knew we had something special so we decided to form Heavy AmericA. The rest is history!  SM: What do you like personally about being in your band? Dan: I think I represent the entire band here with this response but this is without a doubt the best band we have each been in… and we have all been in many bands through the years. This band is collaborative, innovative, hardworking, responsible, respectful, professional and fun. We are also drama-free which is extremely hard to find in any group (family, work or band). Two major dynamics we focus on are being constructive with our band discussions, with no one taking anything personally, and trusting one another individually and as a band in our practices, the studio and when playing out live.We have the highest level of confidence in this band.  SM: Who was your greatest influence growing up, that got you into music?Mike: There’s so many! I was raised on classic rock and early heavy metal. I guess my first guitar hero was probably Jimi Hendrix. But I have my Dad to thank for getting me into music. I was fortunate to have parents who were very supportive of music growing up. When I was thirteen, my Dad landed a job as a photographer for a music production company in Boston, photographing outdoor rock festivals. I had just started playing guitar and was in my first band. He would get VIP passes for a lot of the shows and take me with him. I got to meet and see so many great artists and bands. It was a world I fell in love with instantly. I knew that was the life I wanted and I knew I was one of them.  SM: What's the funniest, or most bizarre thing that's happened in a show? Budd: We have had a few Spinal Tap moments! We consider ourselves to be professionals when it comes to playing out but don’t take ourselves too seriously. This can get us in trouble sometimes. But we know how to deal with adversity and are ready to react. Like getting shot at after a gig!  SM: Would you play shows in all parts of the world if it was paid for? Budd: Absolutely! We would love to tour the world and play for all our fans. We have a huge on-line presence and fans from all over who love our music. We’ve done some traveling as a band but to have the opportunity to reach fans everywhere would be amazing.  SM: Where are you from originally? Did you move your band to make it more successful? Budd: We are all from New England originally. Mike and I grew up in New Hampshire and Dan grew up in Connecticut. We now all live in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. Mike and I have traveled across the country playing in different bands throughout the years. Spending time in California, Arizona, the Midwest and the Northeast.  SM: What does your band name mean or where did derive from? Budd: The name Heavy AmericA came from a neighbor kid who was listening to us practice when we were working on the recording project with our former singer. He liked the music and said we sounded like Heavy America. Not even sure exactly what he meant by that but it sounded really cool and stuck for a band name. It can be interpreted many ways, from describing our sound to describing the state of our country. But it’s a cool band name that’s easy to remember and we’ll let people decide what it means to them.  SM: Where did you start doing shows? What have you achieved being in a band? What are your future plans? Mike: Heavy AmericA cut its teeth right in Boston. A friend from a local Boston radio station gave us our first show at a small club and had us come in for a radio interview. That was the beginning. Since, we’ve had the pleasure of playing SXSW twice, the Matrix Music Festival, benefit shows and over a hundred club gigs. Our song “Pray For Me” went on to get almost 500k views on You Tube and won an award for best rock song in February 2017. That really got us moving. In the five years the band has been together,we’ve had seven releases and achieved over three million streams worldwide across multiple platforms. Being a DIY band we’re constantly looking for new opportunities, brainstorming and creating. The next year will be all about the singles. We plan on releasing at least one more in 2019 and at least four in 2020. All with accompanying videos. Lots to do!  SM: How did you know each other? Who is the composer? How do you come up with songs? Dan: Since we’ve already covered how we met, let’s talk about the writing. As for our approach to songs; Mike comes up with the initial song ideas and lyrics. We continue to be amazed with his ability to deliver new ideas and material and that it never runs dry. Most of the time Mike will come to rehearsal with music and lyrical ideas for the foundation. Then we’ll get to work as a team to build and flesh out arrangements, transitions, intros, endings, etc. We collaborate to keep the songs in the sweet spot and try not to fall into cliché traps. We build all our songs methodically from the ground up… and it may sound strange but the songs are never truly done. Even after recording them and playing them for years,we’re not afraid to make an adjustment to improve a song. As we grow as players shouldn’t our music? SM: Is there anything you would want to ask people on my group page? Mike: Do you believe rock music is making a mainstream comeback in 2020? What do you think of the rock explosion in the UK and do you think it will reach the US? SM: Thanks guys! HA: Our pleasure!” - Interview

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Boston’s Heavy AmericA comes from the great tradition of progressive rock trios who have over held court during every generation of modern music. Other styles, fads, and genres have come and gone over the decades. However, one rock ensemble formula has never lost its power to bang heads. From Blue Cheer, to Rush, to Nirvana… various incarnations of a guitar, bass, and drums threesome have been rocking the world since Leo Fender first plugged in his Stratocaster. Power trios just seem to rock harder than any other band configuration. Maybe they have more to prove. There can be no slackers in a three-piece. No one gets a break. Every member of the band has to keep his pedal to the metal for the groove survive. That’s how Heavy AmericA does it. Their new single “Motor Honey (Peace)” is three minutes of overdriven guitar riffs backed by a big, fat, air-tight rhythm section. Lead singer and guitarist Michael T. Seguin runs through an impressive and unceasing barrage of prog-rock guitar licks. Meanwhile Dan Fried (drums) and Budd Lapham (bass) match his energy while holding down the foundation. The band definitely has a strong 80’s metal influence. There is a bit of early Motley Crue in their sound. However, their style also hints at earlier eras of hard rock. The riff heavy arrangement has a definite 70’s vibe. Further, vocally and lyrically I hear a bit of an Iggy and the Stooges influence as Seguin sings of “hot summer nights,” and blurs the line between love, sex, and cars. In other words… Rock & Roll, baby.” - Bob Smith

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Heavy AmericA’s “Motor Honey (Peace)” explodes with a fiery passion. Done with the utmost of intensity they recall the best of classic and arena rock. With a timeless flair they show off a great deal of muscularity with their powerful, no-holds-barred sound. Only a three piece, they manage to muster up a force of nature quality behind their infectious grooves. Right in the very heart of it are those fantastic vocals that seem to effortlessly tie the whole thing together. Volume is an absolute must for these songs must be felt as much as heard. By refusing to never let up they create a virtual wall of sound.  Not a moment is wasted for Heavy AmericA dives headfirst into the crazed chaotic world. Going for an approach that at times recalls Van Halen's intense guitar riffs, the whole of the piece constantly builds and builds. The song goes for a truly gargantuan approach one that has a vivid quality to it. Colors filter into the entirety of the mix for the groove becomes all-consuming. Full of this tremendous energy their lyrics have a playful quality. With such a careful balance they ensure that the driving rhythm merges flawlessly with the urgently delivered vocals. For the final stretch of the piece they completely let loose in a way that feels fully earned.  “Motor Honey (Peace)” shows off Heavy AmericA’s deft skill in creating something that truly possesses a sense of grandeur.” - Discover New Music

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It’s 2019 Why are we still obsessed with the 80’s? Bands such as AC/DC, Queen, Def Leppard, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Scorpions, Europe, Ratt, Twisted Sister, Poison, Dokken, Whitesnake, and Cinderella were among the most popular acts of the decade are great reminders of why this music still has a huge audience. 80s music is currently in the midst of as much a comeback as it will ever possibly make. The time-traveling powers of the digital era — which, thanks to YouTube and other internet rabbit holes like this blog post, have given pop-culture nostalgia even more room to run rampant. Our digital footprints are constantly coming back to this era of music by request and thanks to all of these digital tools, we can access all these memories easier than ever before. The “eighties” are also well known for their extreme fashions, such as “big hair”, New Wave, punk rock, funk, or preppies. Rap music first started to get big in the 80’s, and often went with breakdancing in what is now called the “old school” days. One thing I think is important to note that this next generation of filmmakers is starting to age out of having any real experience with the 80’s and as a result could result in extinction past this point. That’s just one reason why we need to keep the vibe flowing by honoring our past and making sure that our future is recognized and understood. Here are Indie Bands who are creating new music influenced by their 80’s icons. (13 more bands are included on this list) Motor Honey (Peace) by Heavy America  ” - Jacqueline Jax

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