HEAVY AMERICA – “TAILS” – AN AUTHENTIC AND CAPTIVATING TAPESTRY OF ROCK AND ROLL GRIT: Boston’s three rock warriors – Michael T. Seguin (lead vocals, guitar), Budd Lapham (bass, vocals) and Dan Fried (drums, vocals) – better known as Heavy AmericA have cemented themselves as something to shout about with their lightning arrival onto the rock music scene in 2014. Their self-titled debut EP in 2015, followed by two singles in 2016, “Up For Air” and “Full Load Amps”, and then their full length album “Now” in 2017, paved the way for a string of stellar releases. Their appeal has certainly not been repressed by the pandemic, showing fans that changes to the music industry over the past year have not subdued their ability to craft an authentic and captivating tapestry of rock and roll grit. Certainly, Heavy AmericA’s music has allowed each band member to demonstrate their musical prowess and flamboyance for their own individual instruments, as they deliver rock and roll, in a more modern, updated form of the one we once knew and loved. They keep reminding listeners that there once was a time when people made music for other people, not for platforms or algorithms. Heavy AmericA’s latest reminder in that sense, is the single, “Tails”. From the opening wah-wah guitar and organic drumbeat, the band look to extend the glory of rock music to another generation, by blowing minds and melting faces like great rock bands have always done. The vocals fly high and wide over a landscape of crushing guitar riffs, looping basslines and smashing drums clearly crafted to inspire great emotion. Heavy AmericA sounds bigger and bolder than what their three piece status tends to insinuate. The entire group vibes like the veterans they are on “Tails”, which is destined to become an important part of the band’s body of work. Aside from the music the band make sure the lyrics are smart and impacting too: “Trouble comes in twos & threes. If there’s only one, no one gets the pun. You’re done!” they sing, just before the second chorus come crashing in. “Tails” is a confident, expansive and dynamic record that stomps and struts. The track features some mastery fretwork, especially in the tones and riffing nuances. There is a pulsating dynamism and a willingness to reach for even bigger sounds than before. If rock music is destined to achieve some kind of popularity again, Heavy AmericA will definitely be one of the bands to play a role in this. This song is as original as it is excellent, and the musicianship outstanding, because Heavy AmericA authentically love what they do, and that is good news for fans who want to focus on the music. The band is clearly making the music they have always been inspired to create. Besides delivering a gripping rock tune, Heavy AmericA have also created an impressive supporting video for the music, with some highly effective imagery. But that’s a whole new story… This article also appeared in Soundlooks, Review Indie, Video Music Stars, Independent Music News & Brandooze. ” - Jacob Aiden

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Heavy AmericA – “Tails” – Single Review - Stellar morning through these speakers so far today and we’re gonna keep that hot-streak blazin’ with the music of Heavy AmericA and their latest scorching single “Tails.” Man…like…talk about a killer cut – this three-piece has found a way to get verifiable hooks laced into every aspect of their music & vocals on “Tails” – they’ve created a seriously gnarly single that’s just as cleverly compelling as it is viciously entertaining. We’ve been ridin’ with Heavy AmericA for nearly five full years at this point in time, tracing all the way back to 2016 in December when I reviewed their single “Pray For Me,” right up to the most recent experience with their music in checking out “Generation Lame” earlier on in 2021 – sounds like these beasts from Boston are revved up, ready to rock, and in a really great space right now. You know what I mean? Sometimes you can truly hear when a band is locked right into what they’re doin’ – I’d readily tell ya that it sounds like Heavy AmericA is putting out some of their best this year. One of the things I think is by far the raddest about this three-piece band is just how unexpected much of what they make would truly be. As in, I think a lot of people out there would see a name like Heavy AmericA and think they’ve got an idea of what they’d find inside of the Hard-Rock realm, and more than likely be massively surprised to find the depth these dudes can pack into a tune. When it comes right down to it, the innovative composition of a cut like “Tails” is downright staggering…the kind of song where you listen to it at first and wonder how in the heck they ever got from point-A to point-B, you dig? You listen to a tune like “Tails” and you know this ain’t the kind of music that’s created overnight. This takes work…this takes effort…this takes real chops and true grit – and clearly, Heavy AmericA is in possession of all these elements required & necessary to make a versatile groove like you’ll find on this single work convincingly. The most you’d find me conceding to ya here is that it’s not exactly the most typical single you’re gonna stumble across in that sing-along sense…but let’s be real – I’ve argued against that being the defining factor in what makes a single a single a million times on these pages of ours. When you hear the radiant appeal of the psychedelically-tinged sound of the hooks that beam outta this track…believe me, you’ll find that interesting = entertaining every bit as much – this is the kind of single that earns your attention through its clever construction and remarkable riffage combined. Think of it this way…a track like “Tails” has every bit as much in common with a band like Queens Of The Stone Age or Kyuss as it does with rad stuff from back in the day like Strawberry Alarm Clock or Donovan at its core – Heavy AmericA incorporates a kickass amount of its implied heaviness, but also some extremely badass psych rhythms & grooves into this tune that make all the difference in its overall appeal. Hybrid vibes are where it’s at these days people, that’s the facts – and Heavy AmericA has plenty of’em – sure it’s based in ruthless Rock, but the way they expand their sound to the fringe on tracks like “Tails” is enormously impressive and genuinely bound to make a major impact on those out there that have plugged into an amplifier themselves, sat behind a drum-kit, or sang into a microphone. Don’t get me wrong…plenty of other people around the world are bound to latch onto this too – I’m simply saying that any musician out there that’s ever written a song would appreciate & respect the amount of effort put into the design of “Tails” and the stunning technique in which they use to play it. If you think the junk-drawer in your house contained some cool shit, check out the video for “Tails” by Heavy AmericA and marvel at the endless wonders to be found in this mysterious treasure chest will ya? The band is locked in a room, counting down the days, but also continually finding rad things being placed in the drawer along the way that might potentially help them outta this jam – we’re never really all that sure! Everything from cold hard cash to a plateful of pills come their way…as to how any of this will help or hurt them while they’re stuck inside their concrete confines, we do not know – but at least it keeps them entertained as they wait out their fate – and keeps us 100% engaged in the process through its visual cleverness. The actual eating of a bullet was a nice touch…there’s no gun around, but dude decides to take a chomp on it anyway. All-in-all, it’s as gritty & badass as the song itself is – the fact that Heavy AmericA has already racked up an enormous count of clicks, plays, and views since dropping onto the internet at the end of April is just about the least surprising thing I could tell ya – they deserve the attention for the efforts they’ve put in here from sight to sound. From the thundering drums of Dan Fried, to the killer rumble of the bass from Budd Lapham, to the extraordinary textures & tones of Michael T. Seguin’s guitars & vocals – all hands on deck here warrant a real shout-out for the badassery they’ve provided our speakers & screens with this time around – “Tails” rocks solid in all the right ways.” - Jer

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'Tails' by Heavy AmericA, Music Review - A titanic trio from Boston, Massachusetts, Heavy AmericA are arguably one of the fiercest acts in the rock scene right now. A band that has drawn praise and been favourably described as “every genre of rock”, the trio of Michael T. Seguin, Budd Lapham, and Dan Fried have made their mark by blending a diverse range of influences and experience into a unique and wonderfully bold rock sound. After first making their mark back in 2015 with the release of their eponymous debut record, they’ve become a fixture of the independent scene, and now, with the release of new cut ‘Tails’, they’re about to go global. A single that encapsulates their most authentic and fearsome sound to date, ‘Tails’ is a deft blend of clever lyrics, versatile instrumentals, and devastating hooks. Musically, there’s a lot on show, and as ‘Tails’ builds momentum is unleashes a titanic wave of crushing, distorted guitar, thunderous percussion, and a bassline that simply refuses to quit. Lyrically, Heavy AmericA pulls no punches, delivering a scathing message that reflects the dark tones of the track. With lines like “Never nothing evermore, is this what you waited for?”, the band make their intentions clear in each verse, while the simple, but powerful refrain in each chorus emphasises the power of the track in perfect form. Alongside the new track, Heavy AmericA has also released a visceral music video that further enhances the tone of the song and further brings listeners into the fold. Opening with a simple shot of the album cover, it transitions to a simple black and white narrative that incorporates textured visuals of skeleton heads, knives, and more. Produced by Frank Aveni, it’s an eerily affecting piece, one that has attracted over 100,000 streams views already. You can stream the brand new single below alongside the music video, or head to the band’s official website where you can buy the track and lend your support to their cause. A unique piece that perfectly illustrates the band’s power and proficiency, ‘Tails’ is arguably one of the most evocative rock anthems you’ll hear this year, as well as a perfect follow-up to their first single of 2021, the brilliant ‘Generation Lame’. Tune in above and be sure to follow Heavy AmericA on their social media pages below so you never miss a release.” - Thomas Bedward

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Heavy AmericA shows us the other side with 'Tails' - Being around the music scene for a long time has its great advantages. The connections made and good times had are their own reward but the influences a musician can take in are innumerable. Having a large number of influences available to choose from allows a band to mesh together what connects with them best to form their own cohesive brand of sound. Our recent find Heavy AmericA have done just that with their multi-genre rock sound. The band based in the forever hotbed of new rock music Boston, Massachusetts has soaked it all in. Made up of Michael T. Seguin (lead vocals, guitar), Budd Lapham (bass, vocals) & Dan Fried (drums, vocals), the experiences they combine has evolved into something raw and unique. Together as Heavy AmericA their sound has been described as “every genre of rock.” Something that they hold dear. After forming during a friends recording session back in 2014, the band immediately got to work writing songs. Through a multitude of singles, EPs, and albums the band has caught the attention of music fans and critics alike. Heavy AmericA has played throughout New England including a spot in the Matrix music Festival and SXSW. Awards include an Akademia Music Award for Best New Rock Song, and a Limelight Magazine nomination for Best Rock Band, Boston. With shows put on hold due to a worldwide pandemic, Heavy AmericA focused on writing and recording some new songs to keep the fire burning. The latest “Tails” released April 23rd, 2021 sparks that flame. The opening distorted guitars bring that energy-fueled experimentation to the forefront. The mellow yet impassioned vocals bring the listener in close to see what the band has to share. Psychedelic sounds creep in to keep us guessing where we will be taken next. The song hits hard in every sense of the way. Raw. Emotion. Power. And even Soothing in its own unique way.” - Keith Pro

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Music Review: 'Tails' by Heavy AmericA - When I first began listening to Tails, I’m guilty to admit I presumed the lasted track from Heavy America would be a run of the mill, retro-inspired bit of dad rock- oh how I was wrong. The influence of prestigious ‘70s and ‘80s rock is without a doubt apparent in the stylistic choices of this Boston-based trio, but has been rounded in a way which feels much more refined as opposed to blatantly unoriginal. The intro ignites with an abundance of wah guitar and tight snares, but it’s not until the verse where the song begins to stand on its own two feet. Behind staggered vocal harmonies, the metallic overdriven guitar clashes itself amongst the tracks main focus giving it more of a prog/psych rock edge. The effects, though jarring, I personally feel work seriously well in giving the song its own unique flare, however I do think it’ll be a marmite case where listeners either get it, or they don’t. What I especially like is the fact that Tails doesn’t adhere to a standardised pop/rock structure where you’d wait until the latter half to hear a breakdown or middle eight. Instead, this comes in a little after the 01:30 mark, and though not a revolutionary act to change the structure of a song, sometimes the simplicity of changing the odd thing here and there does wonders for the level of grip the track actually has on you. Travelling further through the song, the more modern influence akin to Queens of the Stone Age is heard in certain corners of the music, progressing into heavy riffs and seriously slick beats. The vocals on the track hold themselves exceedingly well against the broader arrangement, without opting for the dreaded whininess some vocalists feel is necessary to stand at the forefront of the music. Tails is an impressive single from Heavy America. It has the strong roots of the music we grew up listening to yet offers something resiliently refreshing. With the standard now set so high, I really look forward to what the band have in the works for their next release.” - Libby Driscoll

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Song Review: “Tails” by Heavy AmericA - Heavy AmericA has released the song “Tails.” With this song, the Boston-based rock band proves its ability to combine clever lyrics with a catchy instrumental. Additionally, Heavy AmericA has released a music video to support “Tails” and give the song’s meaning a visual representation. The music video begins with a still image of the album cover for the song, a smart move that allows listeners to locate the song on other platforms easier. It also allows listeners to be accustomed to the name of the band and the name of the song before hearing it. Once the cover art fades away, viewers will see a video of two hands in black and white. Upon watching the video, viewers will come to realize that the entire video is filmed in black and white, giving it a darker feel. There is imagery in the music video of little skeleton heads, as well as weapons and knife marks. It is evident that much work was put into the creation and execution of the video. Instrumentally, “Tails” opens with a distorted and high-pitched electric guitar riff, cementing the melody as that of a rock song. The electric guitar guides the instrumental throughout the song, oftentimes being the loudest instrument and consistently having the most variety. For example, while the electric guitar starts off high-pitched, listeners will hear a much deeper tone coming out of it by the end of the song. In general, “Tails” includes a more interesting instrumental than some other songs, becoming a part of the story rather than fading into the background. After listening to the song, listeners will likely find that the electric guitar is perhaps one of the most notable elements. The electric guitar and drums guide the tempo of “Tails,” which can typically be described as mid-tempo. This allows listeners to be able to understand all the lyrics without sounding boring. Lyrically, the song begins with the lines “Never nothing anymore/Never nothing evermore/Is this what you waited for.” Listeners will immediately be able to acknowledge Heavy AmericA’s ability to craft clever rhymes, and will also pick up on the fact the the lyrics are dark in tone. This dark tone will allow listeners to better understand the reasoning behind the black and white setup of the music video. The lyrical abilities of Heavy AmericA continue throughout the rest of the song. One of the most notable instances is in the second verse: “The gutter's deep/I can barely breathe/So fun.” Upon hearing this line, listeners will likely realize the relative lack of sarcastic lyrics in songs. Heavy AmericA’s employment of sarcasm in this instance continues to prove their ability not just as instrumentalists and vocalists, but also as lyricists. The chorus is rather simple: “Tails go/Round and round they go/Tails go/Round and round they go.” It is important for listeners to be able to understand and remember the chorus of a song, and Heavy AmericA’s decision to create a lyrically simple chorus pays off in that regard.” - Staff @ SWM

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Heavy AmericA – “Generation Lame” puts a fresh stamp on hard-edged classic rock” - Jeena Johnson


Heavy AmericA – “Generation Lame” tackles the socio-political climate head on!” - Jacob Aiden

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“Generation Lame”, is a song driven by a riff that feels equally inspired by Jimi Hendrix as it is by Led Zeppelin. As a whole, each member of the band shines as an individual, and as a tight unit on this track, but it is worth pointing out that guitarist Michael T. Seguin’s lead riff and solo motifs are absolutely fantastic. What must be said about Heavy AmericA, is that despite how sonically, and inspired they may be by legendary bands of the golden, classic and alternative rock eras, they truly flex their own songwriting and performance abilities across this track. But then that should come as no surprise, as the band has been turning out great original material for some time now. “Generation Lame” stands as one of their most unique tracks and an example of their songwriting at its strongest – crunching riffs, a raw but sophisticated arrangement, a building progression, great breakdowns, and roaring vocals elevate this song above the rest. The conscious lyrics and potent messages do the rest to certify the song’s impacting excellence. For all Heavy AmericA has accomplished since 2014, “Generation Lame” is perhaps the band’s greatest achievement. Not simply for its musical quality, but for the fact that this single arrives during one of the world’s most difficult times – politically, socially and salutary. None of which intimidate the band, who tackle the American socio-political climate head on. Rarely will a rock band quite like Heavy AmericA arrive on the scene with a track like “Generation Lame”. They put their own fresh stamp on hard-edged classic rock, reminding us what the genre was actually intended to be. In our current era, there’s probably only a handful of bands, both able and willing to do that with passion.” - Peter Burns

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Heavy AmericA – “Generation Lame” – Single Review - January 7, 2021. The wheels keep turnin’ and the Rock keeps rollin’ does it not? Been over FIVE years at this point since we were first introduced to Heavy AmericA back in the day, about mid-December in 2016 with a review on their single “Pray For Me.” Nearly two years directly after that, we checked out “Easy Killer” in 2018, and in 2019, “Motor Honey (Peace)” – which incidentally, is a still a song I can recall to my brain any time I choose just by thinking about it…and like I always say, that tells ya they were definitely onto something. So even though it’s been about a year & a half or so since that last spin through “Motor Honey (Peace),” when we last left off with Heavy AmericA in these music-chronicles of ours, they were on Rock solid ground. Ahh…good ol’ 2019…seems like a lifetime away doesn’t it? The entire WORLD has been shaken since the last time we checked in on this Boston-based three-piece…especially over these past 24 hours. I think they’ve got themselves another extremely badass cut, and a highly relevant one as well. I ain’t gonna lie though – I did kind of need the video supporting it to give it a bit of extra context for me. Part of that could be due to the fact that I’ve only had this song in my hands for a hot minute or so, but part of that reason is also credit to extremely clever writing. Let me explain… Ultimately, it would have been easier for me to just say “I get it” – and hope that I did. Maybe I do. That’s the beauty of interpretive writing – it can take on many meanings. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of what Heavy AmericA is singing about, and their intended targets, is all pretty damn crystal clear if you were to knock it all down to the very bottom line. You’d be looking at a song like “Generation Lame” and gain the understanding that, like so many of us, Heavy AmericA is more than frustrated with current day politics and the effect it’s had on our society as of late. You factor in the mob footage in the video, the politicians signing their souls away for stacks of cash, and the visual intensity of the scenes they’ve chosen throughout what you’ll see onscreen for “Generation Lame” and believe me, you’ll get what they’re putting out there & what they want to communicate on the most fundamental levels you need to understand the core of this cut and their intentions for putting it out. From there is where it got even more interesting though. I think it’s only natural that our minds jump to try & conclude which side of the argument they’re really on…and I think they’ve done well to keep that somewhat hidden, despite what might seem incredibly obvious to some. When you dig deeper, you see specific imagery in the words & lyrics that, in my opinion, will directly conjure up #45 in your minds; Heavy AmericA will quite often reference “the pen” in this tune…for myself personally, that makes me think of all the times I’ve seen Agent Orange hand out a useless Bic to important people surrounding him in the oval office for a photo op – or the references to “tear gas de jour” – how about that? That ring any bells from any recent events? Or the use of the word “feckless” – which has often been used to describe (aptly) one particular member of the first family over and over while she advertises Goya beans. Whether or not all this is subconscious or intentional is almost beside the point; these words provoke imagery in our minds, and we ascribe meaning to them – and in the politically-charged climate that we’re all in, it’s only natural to want to know if they’re writing from ‘our’ side, or the ‘other’ side of the argument we feel like we believe in. You following me? And which side is which again? We’re all friends right? “Y’all gotta remember, we’re all in this together.” That line right there is the key to really understanding this whole single and the intentions behind WHY they chose to write it in the first place – and yep, they’re absolutely right. When you finally connect with that line the way it’s meant, and you really get right into “Generation Lame” – you realize that Heavy AmericA was never out to get one specific side of the argument at all. This is a far bigger issue that is affecting every part of the machine we’re stuck in. They’re fearlessly attacking the entire system, doesn’t matter what fucking side you’re on, you dig? If you’re the kind of person that’ll sell out our rights & freedoms for a chance to line your political pockets – well then brace yourself, because this Bud right here is for YOU. Doesn’t matter if you’re left or if you’re right, if you’re blue or red, black or white – if you have zero morals, lack true convictions, and have no substance in your soul – YOU are the target, and YOU deserve to get hit by this song with the full weight of a physical punch as you listen to it. “Generation Lame” is a justified audible assault on the very establishment of politics & foolish behaviors that have brought us to the point we’re at RIGHT NOW – and if that doesn’t make a song relevant folks, I’m just not sure what else could. And one of THE best things about a song like “Generation Lame” having come out now…is that you KNOW it would have had to have been written at the very least, a little bit before the storming of the US capital yesterday on January 6th – as in, this isn’t some bullshit gimmick Heavy AmericA is rocking here – this is a reflection of feelings, thoughts, and emotions that have been brewing for quite some time, as they have in so many of us throughout this past several years. There’s not just a chance you’ll hear “Generation Lame” and feel like you identify with a piece of it – there’s a Rock solid chance you’ll feel like you agree with every point that’s being made along the way; Heavy AmericA highly considered what they wanted to say, how they wanted to say it, and they nailed a great song here that both kind of spells it out completely, yet makes you think about everything they’re communicating as well. Because you’ll think you get it…and maybe you do. Maybe I do…maybe I don’t. Maybe I’m projecting…maybe it’s just me…maybe we’re living in paranoid times…because we’ve been lied to, over and over…and those seeds of doubt have grown into a forest within the society we share. I felt like Heavy AmericA did an excellent job with this cut, and there’s no denying how relevant it is for right now given how much has recently happened & what we’ve all watched, or personally experienced. Tempo/pace-wise & all that…it’s a bit of a push/pull energy in terms of how it moves & grooves…I’m realistic in knowing how those tend to go over with the masses…which in a word is, slowly…but I’d imagine that the people out there listening will catch on quickly enough, because there’s real substance here. Sound-wise, they’ve got some really kick ass chops & bold tone on display here…almost part Black Sabbath and part Them Crooked Vultures…hard-alternative, but with a classic edge & brilliant harmonies – you know what I mean, you’re savvy musically-inclined people out there. I’m a big fan of songs like this that stand for something important – and I fully believe that this one does; I like that “Generation Lame” makes you think, makes you ponder, and makes you consider where your own values fit into this whole scenario driving their latest single. I have a feeling that after the last twenty-four hours or so, this entire song has likely taken on even more weight & meaning for those out there listening, and rightly so – Heavy AmericA can Rock, and they DO Rock – but they’ve also proven to be quite thoughtful here in the process as well. Don’t mistake their flashy chops & amped-up energy for mere meathead Rock – they’ve clearly got their heads & hearts in the right place; you’ll know that by listening to the words of their latest single, and by the sheer fact that “Generation Lame” was created with genuine purpose.” - Jer@SBS

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Generation Lame is a beautifully composed rock track, start to finish.” - Sparkling Sound

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