1. Proud Shame

From the recording Now

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produced by Room 19 Studio
published by cdBaby
publicity by Tinderbox Music


“Proud Shame”
By: Heavy AmericA
Lyrics: Michael Thomas Seguin © 2017 / ASCAP

Toro Toro red means go
Roughed up and bled out slow
I’m cut clean at the seam, sprayed clean
In control except for the strings
Loud secrets and silent screams
The mule plays insane, hopes they go away
Proud shame
Ashes, ashes burned away
Setting sun fans the flames of proud shame
Run with scissors, punctured lung
Faded lumens, a neutered tongue
Terrorized, no hope for change
360 nothing gained, proud shame
Ashes, ashes burned away
Pondents perched on lofty chains
Sabotage their righteous claims
Setting sun reclaims the flames of proud shame
Sow a field of tears and watch them grow
Pray for fruit and eat the root below
Ashes, ashes burned and blown away
Setting sun rules the flames of proud shame