1. Pray for Me

From the recording Pray for Me

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produced by Room 19 Studio
published by cdBaby
publicity by Tinderbox Music


“Pray For Me”
By: Heavy AmericA
Lyrics: Michael Thomas Seguin © 2016 / ASCAP

Raise my head to a new day
Feel of gray is washed away when the sun comes in
With a welcome smile she gives to me
A feel of empty trust that I’ll succeed to be a better me
Look inside and find yourself as divine
Only need to have your own body and mind
To confuse, to use, abuse as you choose
The tragic school of life and all it’s cruel rules
Pray for me, a better me
Pray for me, a better me
No more is there self destruction
No more do I feel a bitter sting
The dust is wiped from my eyes
And I see everything
Pray for me, a better me
Pray for me a better me